Songwriter / Musician, Terry Lewsader grew up among the farms, in a small mid-western town, where farmers, factory workers, and bar-hoppers would frequent the taverns on Friday and Saturday nights to hear local bands. Country music was the dominant attraction in the bars, but rock music was quickly taking over the airwaves. It wasn’t long until these two styles of music were fused and a new genre called country-rock was born. “A friend sold me a Mason Proffit album for a buck, and that album changed what I wanted to do musically at that time”. In an area thriving with live music, Terry began playing lead guitar and pedal steel in local bars at the age of fifteen.

Two years later he began an unintended journey that would prove to be a life changer. For the next decade there would be no real roots. Living in numerous towns, in different states - playing in local bands, touring with road bands – and in between, the occasional “real” job, he pushed through years of good times and hard living. Always sought after as a guitarist he would sometimes fill in the holes as a studio musician.

His interests continued to expand over time into different genres of music, and eventually a move to Los Angeles and a new multi-track recorder presented an environment to experiment with new styles and sounds. It also allowed him to make the initial leap into songwriting, which was an early dream he had never approached. Examples of some of those styles can be found on his first “Self-Titled” album, which someone described as a “collection of songs for the musically open-minded.” Several songs from his first album received radio play throughout the United States, and across Canada and Europe.

Terry’s accomplishments have grown considerably. He has worked with several notable musicians along the way, even being called upon by some of his earliest influences to play on their recordings. His musical life exists exclusively in the studio these days, where he has the pleasure of meeting and creating music with some of the most talented musicians in Los Angeles and across the country.